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Two Birds That Needs to Be Killed With a Stone

2008-09-28 01:54:56 by gamesbond

Created a Flash animation, My Very Own Show just for the heck of it and the review is also out.

Vote 5 :D

I work for Casualty Gamer for a while now. The admin there found out about my sarcasm talent and wanted me to do a weekly feature called Serious Saturday. There will be a cycle on the feature: Bad Games that Show a Lot of Effort (Ex. Pandemic 2) & Crappy Games With a 1.0 Rating.

Hopefully, I will dominate the world soon. Mwahahaha!

Will post again once feature is started.

I'm proud to be a founding member of an animation crew called EvilAtWork and we have currently published our 1st Flash.

This was a collab by Nqkoi1 and me.

And EvilAtWork hopes that you will be supporting the group. Thanks :)

Evil Eggy!

2007-08-30 09:43:37 by gamesbond

Eggy made me beta-test Hyper Square, his up-coming game which he will upload to Newgrounds in 12:00 PM GMT +8. The game is torture and is evil. But you should check it out. It's cool!